The British Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards (BEDSA) was a really good night where I got to have a fun evening with my team and friends from other sports as we celebrated diversity in sport. Throughout the night I got to hear many inspiring stories from talented athletes all over the UK.  It was nice to see everyone let their hair down and really dressed up as we are always super busy and usually sweaty, ha!

As a future champion ambassador for Sporting Equals, I’m proud to be part of an effort to encourage young ethnic kids to participate in sport and enjoy it. I really hope we build from the awards and really make a big impact as I think a lot of sports are struggling these days with the lack of kids getting involved. I will always try to be a strong role model and ambassador for the younger generation and try to lead by example.

Fantastic evening and I cannot wait to attend these awards in the future!  Thank you to everyone who worked hard at BEDSA to make it a fabulous evening.