Confidence comes from not always being right but not fearing to be wrong. Confidence is knowing the difference between self-belief, positivity and being arrogant. With arrogance there is no room for improvement as arrogant people think there is no need for improvement. Whereas confidence never comes from having all the answers, it comes from being open to all the questions.

You gain strength from every tear and obstacle you have faced and conquered. Confidence is saying to yourself, ‘I’ve overcome this trouble before, I can take on anything like that which comes along.’

You can’t fake confidence. True and real confidence comes from pure self-belief. The only way to get people to believe in you is when YOU believe in you. Self-Confidence is the memory of success, so linger on the positives and achievements you have accomplished in life so far and build on future success. While on this journey, the path is incredibly slippery but when you have absolute confidence in yourself you know no matter how many times you make a stumble or completely fall over, that you have the inner strength to pick yourself up and keep your eyes on the Prize!