British tennis player Eden Giselle Silva was born on March 14, 1996, in London, England. A loving daughter, sister, friend and pet lover, Eden's home is in Essex where she represents the County as their No.1 player.

Her tennis journey began at age 3 with weekly, and then daily, practice sessions at the local tennis club Cranbrook Castle in Gants Hill, Essex.  At 8 years old she competed in her first international tennis tournament in Auray, France and it was then that her father Roger decided it was time to change careers so he could travel year round with his daughter to provide the necessary emotional, mental and parental support. Starting at age 10, and lasting for a period of 5 years, Eden travelled regularly to Los Angeles to train with tennis expert Robert Lansdorp. The training in Los Angeles assisted Eden in constantly improving her game and in 2008 after competing  against and defeating some of the top players in Britain, Eden reached the finals of British Nationals at the West Hants Club in Bournemouth.  She was considered at 12 years old to be one of the best tennis players in Great Britain for her age and was also the youngest girl in the country to be invited to join what was then the highest level of support offered by the LTA - 'Team Aegon'. 

In 2011 Eden started to train full time at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton with Louis Cayer and in 2012 Eden was the only British girl to win all her qualifying matches, defeating top 40 and 70 ITF players, to join the rest of the British contingent in the main draw of junior Wimbledon.


The experience at Wimbledon fueled Eden's drive and dreams of one day making center court in a Wimbledon final. This drive and determination was noticed by many, particularly by Nino  Severino, coach to former British No.1 Elena Baltacha and Elena Baltacha ("Bally") herself. Bally, coming to the end of a successful career, served as a mentor, coach and confidant to Eden and in June 2012 Eden left the LTA's National Tennis Centre to live and train with Bally at her academy in Ipswich. Eden cherished her time with Bally and spent many evenings talking with Bally about life on the WTA  tour. Bally sadly passed away on May 4, 2014 due to liver cancer.  While she misses Bally  dearly, Eden  carries the memories and lessons she learned and implements them with the same fire and desire Bally showed her on and off the tennis court.

Eden believes life experiences and tribulations only make a person stronger and uses her mantra "Think positively and positive things will happen" as a constant  motivator. "Fierce", "dedicated", and "hardworking" are words which people have used to describe Eden and as a result of her hard work, family support, dedication and true love of the sport, Eden entered the world of professional tennis in 2014. Eden and her team believe a close family unit to be a very important piece of the puzzle in the development of a top level athlete and Eden's family continues to be her main support mechanism. Coming from a multicultural background with parents of Russian and Sri Lankan descent, Eden is an ambassador  for Sporting Equals and she continues to  promote and support the participation and involvement of ethnic minorities in sport in the United Kingdom.